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Another successful climb

I had another successful climb last night. Jason, his friend Nicole, and I went up the east face of Quandary, starting around 6:30 PM. We made it to timberline around 7:45 during twilight and summited just after 10:30 under a full moon.

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Failure, Success, and Skiing

If you push yourself towards your limits, you will experience failure. Without failure, there’s very little to learn. As an engineer, a lot of what I learned in school was failure analysis, from fatigue limits in metal to modes of

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What else is being devised I have one other big trip coming up this summer, plus two other long term goals to reach for. My other big trip will not consume me as much as the John Muir Trail for three reasons. It will

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Planning for an epic trip

I know this is not a universal truth, but for me, planning the trip is half the fun of actually doing the trip. I love pouring over topo maps, books, online reports, and random photos during the planning stage. Mostly

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winter mountaineering Winter on the south side of Quandary Peak near 13,500′

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What I do As I said in my last post, backpacking and climbing is my “thing”. I enjoy biking, rafting, and skiing too, and I will run for exercise. I despise most gyms, I have never lifted weights in my life, I don’t

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My life anew My current lifestyle began in summer 2008 with a road trip from Phoenix to Denver to deliver a car. I ended up taking the scenic route through the Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, falling in love with the high desert

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