Staring down the barrel


Tuesday was not a good day. I found out a very unfortunate piece of information. I will need some major surgery due to a labral tear, also known as a slap tear. The MRI I had on my shoulder showed that some of the contrast dye was leaking behind the cartilage, indicating a tear. I already have a surgery scheduled in less than three weeks.

So, what am I doing? I just finished up the final touches on my next article that will be published in a month, and I am going to Utah for a week of backpacking. The way I see it, with my prognosis being surgery with a lengthy recovery, that pretty much ruins my plans for the next three to six months. If everything goes perfect, I might be able to still go on my Unitas trip in July  and I should be good to go with my JMT trip in august. After I get back from a few days of backpacking, I will feel much better. For the next week, I am going to enjoy my own version of spring break.

I originally thought I had found a ride out there, however things changed. I will be driving out Friday evening, spend the weekend backpacking in arches, spend the next few days in Chesler park and the needles in Canyonlands, and then spend another couple days around Bridges National Monument. If I had a chance to plan a bit more, I would love to backpack the the first 150-200 miles of the Hayduke trail. That will happen another time.

When it rains, it pours, so have some fun and splash in the puddles, cause everything will work out eventually. 🙂

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