Going with the flow


After “staring down the barrel” and going through with my surgery, I have been recovering and going through the start of PT. One of my friends sent this to me, and i thought it was inspiring.

Going with the flow:

the expression going with the flow is a metaphor that applies to navigating a river. when we go with the flow, we follow the current of the river rather than push against it. people who go with the flow may be interpreted as lazy or passive, but to truly go with the flow requires awareness, presence and the ability to blend ones own energy with the prevailing energy. going with the flow doesn’t mean that we toss our oars into the water and kick back in the boat, hoping for the best. going with the flow means that we let go of our individual agenda and notice the play of energy all around us. we tap into that energy and flow with it, which gets us going where we need to go a whole lot faster than resistance will.
going with the flow doesn’t mean that we don’t know where we’re going; it means that we are open to multiple ways of getting there. we are also open to changing our destination, clinging more to the essence of our goal than to the particulars. we acknowledge that letting go and modifying our plans is part of the process. going with the flow means that we are aware of an energy that is larger than our small selves and we are open to working with it, not against it. many of us are afraid of going with the flow because we don’t trust that we will get where we want to go if we do. this causes us to cling to plans that aren’t working, stick to routes that are obstructed, and obsess over relationships that aren’t fulfilling. when you find yourself stuck in these kinds of patterns, do yourself a favor and open to the flow of what is rather than resisting it. trust that the big river of your lifer has a plan for you and let it carry you onward. throw overboard those things that are weighing you down. be open to revising your maps. take a deep breath and move into the current.

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