A #$%& Good Week


Everything seems to be coming around. I landed myself an awesome new job last thursday working for an HVAC consultant firm. Not only does it pays more than my last job and has better benefits, but i’ll be working under a PE, so i can earn credits towards getting my own PE eventually. The new working environment is much more positive than my old job too.

With the new job security, i decided to take another trip before starting the new job. I had been planning on going to Utah again for memorial day, so i decided to go for it. Originally my plan for the three day memorial weekend was to go to Bryce Canyon to backpack the under the rim trail. However that was way back before i knew i had to have surgery, and my shoulder hasn’t recovered enough for backpacking. I was able to do some day hiking into the canyon with a hydration waist pack (no shoulder weight), which was awesome. I am excited to go back and backpack the entire under the rim trail, maybe in early october when the fall has cooled off the desert or next spring.

On the drive back, I took a “long-cut” by taking the burr trail to get from boulder, Utah to Hanksville, and spent the night just outside of Capitol reef. Its an awesome drive, and is well maintained so you can take 2WD cars.  Its safe to say that anytime i’ll be going back through that area, i will be driving that route to skip boulder mountain on highway 12. The next morning i drove down through the waterpocket fold and to halls creek overlook, which was beautiful.

After getting back to Colorado, i decided to pick myself up a present for myself. It should make getting to 4WD trailheads and though snowed in trails much easier, especially when i go for some more winter 14ers next year.


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