Back to back 14ers

Still on recovery, I soloed two easier 14ers last weekend. Mount Antero is pretty technically easy, but is a long one unless you have 4WD. A rough 4WD road starts at 9400, and goes all the way to nearly 13,800. While it was snowed in at 12,800, it still makes for a lot of elevation gain. I don’t own a 4wd, meaning I would have to climb nearly 6,000 feet to the summit. While this didn’t sound too bad, I figured with my new bike, I could make it a little faster and fun. Unfortunately, the road was very steep with lots of loose gravel, so there was a considerable amount of hike-a-bike. I ended up leaving the bike at 13,000 feet, and hiking the remaining portion. The weather was fantastic last weekend, so I was able to start later in the day and enjoy an empty summit, and watch the sunset from 13,000+ feet. After getting back down to my bike during twilight, I rode until the sunlight was gone, and then rigged up a headlamp and a handlebar flashlight for the remaining decent in the dark, getting back to the car at 10:30 pm, 8 hours after leaving.

After camping near Buena Vista and hanging out in town in the morning, I headed to Huron peak north of town. Again, starting later in the day, I biked the 4wd section of the road which was didn’t require any hike-a-bike, and summited with an empty summit around 2pm and didn’t pass a single other party on the way down. The beautiful weather persisted, and made it back to the car 4.5 hours after starting.

Overall it was an awesome weekend. Huron was beautiful, and the sunset on Antero was spectacular.

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