Highline, Waterslides, and Tubeless tires

The last two weeks have been AWESOME. First off, another big trip by completing the Uinta Highline trail in northeast Utah. The highline trail really delivered a great experience. In total, 78 miles in 78 hours, 17,000 feet of gain, 9 major passes over 11,000 feet, the entire trip was above 10,000 feet, and I bagged the highest point Utah, Kings Peak, while I was up there. Lots of high alpine and will definitely be my next article for Trailgroove. To help others with completing the trail and navigation, I created a databook for the trail. I got the idea from Andrew Skurka’s website and his databook that I used during my Zion grand traverse. I think I will keep creating these databooks after my hikes for others to use since I found it useful. The highline trail databook includes GPS waypoints since some parts of the trail are hard to follow. Water is abundant along the trail, so I didn’t feel it necessary to note water sources. I would like to go back and hike/map the easternmost section from Leidy peak to highway 191 to complete my databook, but that’ll happen another time. I also recorded the trail with my GPS watch, so I will upload the KML and GPX files after I combine them.

Last weekend I drove up to Lander, Wyoming to participate in the international climbers festival and visit with Aaron, the owner of Trailgroove. Lander never disappoints, with great mountain biking, great climbing, and great hiking/backpacking. We ended up hiking to a backcountry waterslide in sinks canyon, starting at Bruce’s Parking Area and hiking to just past Popo Agie falls. If you’re EVER in lander, go to this water slide.

Lastly, I’ve been getting my bike ready with a tubeless setup. Once it’s done, I’ll post up instructions, however right now it looks like l dropped 26.75 ounces off my front wheel! I’ve switched to a 120tpi Nate tire and a tubeless setup vs. the 27tpi Larry tire and the surly tube that were in there before. Getting the bead to seat was definitely the hardest part, but so far it’s working pretty well.

This weekend is something new. I’ll be flying out to Chicago and driving a car back for a family member. Should be a good time hanging out with my friend Jon, eating deep dish pizza, and driving the Midwest.

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