Getting Educated


Above – Buckskin Gulch, AZ

Winter has finally hit the Colorado high country, and I’ve been laying low for the last month since life has been pretty busy. This last weekend I headed up the foothills west of boulder and completed a Leave No Trace Trainer course. I have always felt like I practice good land ethics while in the backcountry; however the trainer course has opened my eyes to some better practices. Now I know that there were still a few things I should be doing a little differently, and will try to implement them on future trips. If you have the time, I highly recommend taking a course. Local courses can be found using the calendar on the website.

I also decided to take a Wilderness First Responder course this fall. Even though I have had formal advanced first aid training through Lifeguarding, river guiding, and Boy Scouts, I have never actually taken a formal course on wilderness specific medical best practices, and again I have found it well worth the time. You are only as effective as the tools you bring with you, and the lightest tool you can bring is knowledge. As a result of the course, I’m going to be modifying my first aid kit a little bit. However I think I can get away with only adding a few items and keeping the weight down. Aaron has expressed interest in a first aid kit primer, so that will be coming down the road at Trailgroove.

Speaking of Aaron, he decided to write up part of the Utah trip we took last spring to buckskin gulch. The trip report along with photos from both of us can be seen here –

Another cool thing I found was that I was selected again for September’s spot at’s contributors’ gallery. I’ve already mentioned before how much I like how his site is laid out to help teach some basic photography skills, and I recommend reading through his primers.  –

Right now the weather for the upcoming weekend is looking really good, so I think I’m going to get after a few more 14ers in the snow, and maybe break out the fat bike. Below are a few good photos of the fat bike during the gravel grinder last month. This thing is too much fun!

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