Capitol Reef and the Waterpocket Fold


Above – Just before sunrise just north of the Halls Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef National Park (looking northwards).

Below –  One of the many cactus blooms i saw during my latest trip to southern Utah. 

After three days down in the southern leg of Capitol Reef and the Waterpocket fold, I have decided that I am really impressed.

– Halls Creek Narrows is just awesome! As good as Buckskin Gulch and the Zion Narrows, but with no red tape for overnights (walk in permits are free at the visitor center).  It’s shorter at only ~3.5 miles through it, and the water during my trip was around 3 feet deep in the deepest sections you have to wade through.

-Lower Muley twist canyon is pretty awesome. Some of the largest alcoves I have ever seen. Almost completely dry, so I was glad that I stashed water at the upper trailhead.

– Brimhall Natural Bridge (a double arch) was actually a bit of a scramble to get up to, which wasn’t expected (but then again, I didn’t read up on the trail). It wasn’t too bad of a hike, just unexpected squeezing and friction climbing. The area near the arch was a great lunch spot.

– As good as my idea to self-shuttle with my mountain bike, I keep forgetting that any significant bike riding after hiking for three days isn’t the most comfortable activity 😛

I think I am going to write up this trip for Trailgroove for the next issue. It should be pretty sweet.

Also, Osprey will be posting a piece I wrote along with some photos. I think it’s a pretty good piece, so I’ll post a link to it when it goes live.

Unfortunately, no more desert trips have been planned from now until Memorial Day when I’ll be doing the under the rim trail in Bryce. However, I will be training for the Colfax Marathon between now and May 18th, so that’ll keep me busy. I also am apparently receiving an unknown 1 lb. package from Ricoh on Monday. Maybe it’ll be a Theta 360 camera for Spherical Report 360!!!

I wonder what i could do for the spherical report. Maybe a spherical photo from the tops all the peaks, passes, and canyons this summer.


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