About Me


My name is Ted and I am an engineer that lives in Morrison, CO. I have been lightweight backpacking since 2008 and rock and ice climbing since 2010, with my hardest climbs achieved being rated 5.11, WI5, and M7, and grade IV mountaineering climbs.

If you have any questions about a trip i have written about, please email me.

I am also a senior contributor for Trailgroove Magazine. Please check out the newest edition of the FREE magazine at Trailgroove.com

I have previously worked as a raft guide and a backpacking guide. I am currently a Wilderness First Responder, CPR Pro, Leave No Trace Trainer, and AAIRE Level 1. I am available to privately guide small groups on custom trips. Please contact me at tmountainnut@gmail.com if you have any questions.

All photos copyright 2016 © Ted Ehrlich. All photos have been taken by me or given to me by friends with permission to use. Please do not steal my photos. I am happy to sell full resolution digital photos or prints for a small fee or direct you to the owner of the photo.

One comment on “About Me
  1. Carlos Gonzalez says:

    Hey, Ted.
    It was really nice to be able to chat with you and Sean up in Sam Mack meadow. This is Carlos, one of the two old dudes that walked down with you.
    awesome to see some of your work.

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