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Capitol Reef and the Waterpocket Fold

Above – Just before sunrise just north of the Halls Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef National Park (looking northwards). Below –  One of the many cactus blooms i saw during my latest trip to southern Utah.  After three days down in the

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Desert Season

Above – Just before sunset near the Dollhouse in the Maze Below – Looking into Jasper Canyon in the Maze Oh, how I love the spring desert season. It’s so nice to escape from Denver and head out to the middle of nowhere

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The Teton High Route

It’s been a week since I got back from Grand Teton National Park and the trip met all my expectations. It was a little more difficult than I thought as I underestimated the amount of total gain. I made another

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Aspen 4 pass loop, GTIS half marathon, and another 14er

Three weeks ago I was fortunate to have a decent weather window, where the weekend before was stormy and wet. I invited two friends to backpack the aspen 4 pass loop with me, a hike I had heard a lot

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Highline, Waterslides, and Tubeless tires

The last two weeks have been AWESOME. First off, another big trip by completing the Uinta Highline trail in northeast Utah. The highline trail really delivered a great experience. In total, 78 miles in 78 hours, 17,000 feet of gain,

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A #$%& Good Week

Everything seems to be coming around. I landed myself an awesome new job last thursday working for an HVAC consultant firm. Not only does it pays more than my last job and has better benefits, but i’ll be working under a

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Road tripping the SW

It’s been a ride, literally. Over the last two weeks, I took two extended trips. I probably drove over 4000 miles between both trips through the heart of the southwest. I got to spend a lot of time thinking, reevaluating,

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