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Trip reports and getting back to reality

Above – Wildflowers below the summit of Humboldt Peak (East Ridge) Bottom of post –  Sunset above Navajo Lake Basin This past week I’ve had to face the reality that sometimes things don’t go to plan. I’ve been riding a high

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More Desert Stuff, Rainier, and the Winds

Above – Sunset in Chesler Park Bottom of post –  A long exposure of the Milky Way using the Polarie tracker in Chesler Park Wow, it’s been a month and a half since my last post. Lots of stuff happening, and I’ve

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Capitol Reef and the Waterpocket Fold

Above – Just before sunrise just north of the Halls Creek Narrows in Capitol Reef National Park (looking northwards). Below –  One of the many cactus blooms i saw during my latest trip to southern Utah.  After three days down in the

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I love the video below. It reminds me of last fall, I was training hard at the rock gym 4 days a week, and going out every weekend that the weather was decent, getting ready for the Bozeman Ice Festival

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Going with the flow

After “staring down the barrel” and going through with my surgery, I have been recovering and going through the start of PT. One of my friends sent this to me, and i thought it was inspiring. Going with the flow:

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Staring down the barrel

Tuesday was not a good day. I found out a very unfortunate piece of information. I will need some major surgery due to a labral tear, also known as a slap tear. The MRI I had on my shoulder showed that

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What I do As I said in my last post, backpacking and climbing is my “thing”. I enjoy biking, rafting, and skiing too, and I will run for exercise. I despise most gyms, I have never lifted weights in my life, I don’t

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