Prints For Sale

I have started to branch out by selling prints of my work.

I currently am selling 13″x19″ (or slightly smaller in one dimension if cropped) photos, which are matted and have a foam backer, for $40 apiece, plus actual shipping if you are not local to Denver. These are printed with a professional large format Canon photo printer on Canon photo paper.

This is quite a bit less than what I have seen other photographers sell similar work for ($75+). All of the final pieces are made to fit into standard frame sizes, so if you’d like to frame it, you can do so without getting a custom one made. I may branch out to offer smaller photos (8.5″x11″) for ~$20 a print, but I am not currently doing that at this time.

I am planning on adding proofs of photos I am currently selling to this page.  If you would like to order a photo, please email me at with the photo number(s) and what you would like.

Because I am printing and matting these myself, I have a lot of creative control. I am happy to accommodate requests for specific colors of matting, and I can also get it framed if requested. If the matting or frame material costs extra beyond the normal material costs of the prints, those will be added to the cost of the print.


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